November 06, 2011

Eagle Mountain

I officially feel grown up! Yeah I'm married, yeah I have a kid, yeah I have a car but for some reason owning my own home is what makes me feel grown up:) A part of me just feels like Bryan and I are just playing "house" and it's all just pretend, which is kind of fun at the same time.
Anyway we have been slowly but surely moving every thing into their new places and I am loving all of it! Might seem weird to some, I like unpacking and organizing things! (when I'm in the mood of course:) Before we moved in I looked and looked on Pinterest for organizing/decorating ideas but once you're in the "unpacking" stage all of that kind of goes out the window and you just do your own thing:) Maybe someday I will have the energy and money and time to make all of my "pinned" items!
Here are a few "before" pictures of our place. Once I have everything in order I will update them!

Amaree jumping on bubble wrap. 

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