August 25, 2011

DIY Chandeliers

My mom mentioned the other day that she wanted a new chandelier in her kitchen. Hers is pretty but it isn't what she is looking for (it's outdated). So, me being obsessed with refashioning/repurposing I told her I would find some great ideas on how to either change it or replace it with a DIY chandelier.

Have a wonderful day!

August 24, 2011

Rounded Fabric Flower Tutorial

Alright here comes my next fabric flower. I don't know what to call it, so if you have any suggestions let me know;) This one is extremely easy.

  • Again start out by picking fabric of choice. 

*For this flower you can use ANY fabric you want. Just know the thicker the fabric, the harder to pull your needle through:)

  • Next cut at at least 5 circles out of your fabric. (I have done 6 or 7 before and it still looks just as cute.) You pick what size  you want the circles to be; they just need to all be the same size. One of my circles is slightly smaller than the rest, but it doesn't make that big of a difference in the end.

  • Now pick thread that matches/blends in with the fabric of choice. I used red here so it can be seen a little better through the pictures. Fold one circle in half. Start hand sewing the outside edge of the half circle like this:

  • Now pull the thread tight so it looks like this:
This is what each petal will look like.
  • Continue to do this to each circle until it looks like this:

  • Next attach the end petals together by stitching the outside edges together (do it at least 3 times and secure it in the back).
  • Now you can embellish the flower however you like! You can add a rolled rosette to the middle (tutorial coming soon), a cute button, beads, pearls, etc. This beauty about this flower is how versatile it can be. Another variation is the pointed fabric flower. I will also be creating a tutorial for this one.
After adorning my flower, I cut a felt circle and glued it on the bottom along with an alligator clip and brooch pin.

Have a wonderful day!

August 23, 2011

Burned rose tutorial

This is my first real tutorial so...keep it in mind:) This is for what I call the "Burned Rose" fabric flower.

  • First off pick your fabric of choice (silk blends/polyester burn the prettiest so use these). Once you have your fabric of choice start cutting! For this flower I cut a total of 14 rectangles, varying in sizes. 

This is the size of the first two rectangles.

All 14 rectangles decreasing in length and width.

  • Next comes the fun part...playing with fire. Keep your fingers as far away from the flames as possible (Trust me, I know from experience). The fabric will burn quickly so don't leave it in the fire for longer than 2 sec.

  • Continue to burn the rectangle until it looks like this: 

  • After you burn each rectangle, start stacking/placing them how you want. Some flowers I end up using all 14, others I want less petals so it's up to you if you want to use them all. As you stack them, criss-cross them/alternate like so:

  • Keep alternating until you are satisfied with the size and shape of your rose.

  • Now it's time to keep them together. If you're short for time just hand sew all the petals together at once, by going straight through the middle of the rose (up and down at least 3 times, then secure on the bottom) or you can sew each petal together to make it even more secure. I did the second option for the tutorial. I do two petals at a time:
Go up from the bottom then back down, add two more petals and repeat.

  • The end result will look like this:
Now you can either leave it the way it is or add some beads/pearls to the center to make it "fancy".
Also hot glue a circle of felt to the back to hide the sewing marks, then glue an alligator clip and/or a brooch pin (i think that's what they're called).
TA DA! You're all done! Now you can add it to a belt, your hair, a purse or whatever you feel like doing:)

August 21, 2011

For my mama

Alright, this post is specifically for mia madre. She is redecorating her whole upstairs (pretty much) and needed some ideas for artwork/decor for each room. I told her I would find awesome examples of DIY artwork that I would happily make for her:) I LOVE doing this type of thing!! So here it goes:
First up fabric flower artwork by Make it and Love it.

It is complete with tutorials on how to make each type of flower as well as how to put fabric inside the frames:) Incredibly easy and cute! Ashley has a million other ideas on her blog that are just as adorable. Go to to check out her tutorials:)
This next one is from It is a simple wooden board with a quote. Very easy but I just love this one!
Well that's it for now! I will post more awesome ideas another day. But for now enjoy these links. They are all incredible blogs that I love looking at to get ideas:)

Have a wonderful day!

August 18, 2011

Awesome childrens pant tutorial

Found a great, simple tutorial on how to make little kid pants. You can use this on already existing pants, or a shirt (using the sleeves) or on some awesome fabric!
Here is the tutorial:)

Have a wonderful day!

Shirt and Pant refashion

Today while Amaree ate her lunch in her highchair, I quickly refashioned some stained and ripped clothes into adorable new clothes for miss Amaree. First I took one of her shirts that had a huge chocolate stain on the bottom, cut off the stained section, created a skirt with some hand-me-down fabric (added ruffle to the bottom of the  rectangle, sewed the sides together to create a big tube, basted the top and gathered it to the size of the tshirt), sewed the two together and BAM! You have a whole new updated look:)

Disney, from Ruffles and Stuff has a really easy tutorial on how to make the same thing.

Now for the pants. I originally bought these "jeggings" at Walmart for $1. I bought 2 because I just can't resist the urge to buy clothing when it is discounted to a DOLLAR! Anywho, I took an existing pair of leggings (of Amaree's) and used it as my pattern. I wanted the zippers to be on her leggings as well so I matched the bottoms of the jeggings and the leggings, then cut. I will have to make a tutorial or find a good one to put on my blog for reference:) I haven't tried them on her so hopefully they fit! If not, I have already gotten my moneys worth (I wore them three times before the crotch ripped). 

Have a wonderful day!

August 17, 2011

New sewing project!

I found this blog via Ucreate. It is from blogger Kalleen of I love both of these blogs!:) Anywho Kalleen created cute hats from old t-shirts for herself and daughters. So genius.
You can go to either this or that to get the tutorial on how to make it.

Have a wonderful day!

August 15, 2011

Finger Paint!

Last week Amaree used finger paint for the first time! She did really well and loved every second of it. She painted again today but I couldn't find my camera (Amaree told me it was just hiding:) to take more pictures of her gorgeous artwork.

So proud!

Silly goose

August 10, 2011

Utah Kernels plug

This is a plug for the best tasting popcorn out there! Utah Kernels has about 24 divine flavors of popcorn and is made fresh every day at their store in Orem, UT. You've just gotta try it ;)

Chocolate Avalanche

River Bottom Crunch

August 06, 2011

I's passed my bedtime.

My parents are getting rid of some of their old furniture, including an entertainment center/armoire that is missing a door. I have been thinking about all of this furniture and thinking of what I could do to use it. (I hate seeing furniture go to waste. Well I found it on :)

Now I just need to make room for it:)

Another day at yard sale-ing

Today my sweet husband and daughter accompanied me to the yard sales. First stop was a bust. Second one was a gold mine. I had more than just a dollar this time too! This is what I got:
Silky bolt of fabric. My guess is about 10-15 yards  for $3.00

Mini easel + mini clipboard below = $0.25

About 2 yards of this gorgeous white fabric (picture doesn't do it justice!) for $2.50. This is just like the fabric used in my moms fancy table linens.

2 yards of white tulle $0.25

Mini jar/canister for $0.25
 Add it all up it comes to $6.25! Not bad at all:)

More skirts for Amaree:)

I am on a skirt making train and can't seem to stop! Here are 2 more skirts I made today for  miss Amaree.

Spray painted what?!

Yesterday I was admiring pretty shoes in Anthropologie's magazine and thought to myself, "I wonder if could spray paint shoes and still have them look good?". After reading todays post on Better After I have found my answer...YES! Just look at this marvelous before and after shots:

August 04, 2011

Cute chair idea

I found this tutorial from the Inadvertent Farmer on how to decorate an antique chair. Brilliant!
The flowers and letters are little kid foam stickers that she put on prior to priming and painting. Like I said brilliant idea! Here is the tutorial:)

August 03, 2011

Skirts for Amaree

On Wednesdays my cute sister in law watches Amaree while I work at either home or at Utah Kernels. Today I finished work way before Amaree was home so I used that time to create some skirts for the little princess.
This first skirt I made out of leftover fabric from a quilt my Granny made for my mom. It turned out exactly how I pictured it!
Th top layer is only connected near the elastic casing. 

This next skirt I made out of a pink polo shirt my mom used for an 80's themed party. I just cut the bottom off, added elastic then sewed pockets with a little lace on the top. I didn't have any more pink thread so the white thread is clearly visible (as well as my sewing flaws). I then made the flower out of some of the leftover shirt fabric (pink) and the white is some leftover silky, white fabric I had from another old project.
She loved the pockets!