Ruffle peplum skirt

Abstract art
Dress I made Amaree from some remnant fabric that I got at Walmart. So easy to make!

Made this dress from a ripped shirt of mine. Even easier to make:) 

I just love this picture and had to put it in:)

Picture isn't the best quality but this is a scrunch belt that I learned how to make from a tutorial on This belt looks so cute on with a big flower in the middle of the bow!

These are some hair clips I made for a friend of mine's wedding. All the bridesmaids will be wearing these in their hair along with a matching bracelet pictured below.

These are the matching bracelets.

This is also from the friends wedding. This is what the maid of honor will be wearing.

First attempt at abstract "ish" art.

2nd attempt at abstract art...

I made a collage of pictures I took on my tour de Europe that I went on the summer before my senior year of high school.

Oil painting for my parents...very simple and amateurish but thats why I like it. My parents are repainting and redecorating their bedroom to a "beachy" theme. They will have yellow walls so I didn't want to make a complicated picture to keep the laid back atmosphere going.