December 03, 2013

Mini Paleontologist

My 4 year old daughter knows many kinds of dinosaurs and can tell you a few facts about each. The most amazing thing about this kid is how MUCH she knows about them! She can look at a picture of what some may think is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and analyze how it is NOT a T-Rex.
We went to Albuquerque last month and came across a dinosaur statue. She initially yelled out, "Look a Tyrannosaurus!" then stopped and examined it for a minute. "No this has to be an Albertosaurus. It has short arms and two fingers like a T-Rex but it is much shorter and skinnier than one. So it must be an Albertosaurus."

After we took a picture next to it I looked at the description of the dinosaur that was next to the statue. Sure enough, it was an Albertosaurus. She never ceases to amaze me how intelligent this kid is.

It's an odd feeling when your child outsmarts you on something. It's ESPECIALLY odd when they are only 4...

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