December 08, 2013

"Good mother lizard"

    Out of the many dinosaurs that my lovely 4 year old knows, one of her favorites is the Maiasaura. It's name means "good-mother lizard". Why? Because majority of the Maiasaura fossils have been found near their nests full of eggs along with older Maiasaura babies. Which means that it took care of it's young until they were old enough to fend for themselves. They were an herbivorous dinosaur that was about the size of a camping trailer (average size for a dinosaur).
  It constantly amazes me how much information we have about these incredible reptiles! And that we still know hardly anything at the same time. I think I have become as fascinated as my daughter has now...well maybe not.
   Anyway back to the Maiasaura. Out of all the dinosaurs, this is one they have been fortunate enough to discover many fossils of. They even found a whole herd of Maiasaur fossils that consisted of 10,000 individuals! Wow.
    I sincerely hope my daughter grows up and uses this knowledge and love of dinosaurs! We will do whatever it takes for her to accomplish her dream of becoming a paleontologist (If she still wants to in 15 years :)

December 03, 2013

Mini Paleontologist

My 4 year old daughter knows many kinds of dinosaurs and can tell you a few facts about each. The most amazing thing about this kid is how MUCH she knows about them! She can look at a picture of what some may think is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and analyze how it is NOT a T-Rex.
We went to Albuquerque last month and came across a dinosaur statue. She initially yelled out, "Look a Tyrannosaurus!" then stopped and examined it for a minute. "No this has to be an Albertosaurus. It has short arms and two fingers like a T-Rex but it is much shorter and skinnier than one. So it must be an Albertosaurus."

After we took a picture next to it I looked at the description of the dinosaur that was next to the statue. Sure enough, it was an Albertosaurus. She never ceases to amaze me how intelligent this kid is.

It's an odd feeling when your child outsmarts you on something. It's ESPECIALLY odd when they are only 4...

New and Improved...again?

In the last year lots have changed: I went to school to become a Nail Technician, graduated and now have an awesome job that I start on Friday!  Also my little miss has become obsessed with everything on this planet (as well as outside it). She particularly is focused on all things dinosaur and space related. This is why I created the new page on the blog called "Planet Earth"  where I will share facts, pictures, etc about her obsessions.
The second page I created is for me to share my recipes that I currently use, and ones that I would like to try or have recently tried. I love baking (cooking is starting to grow on me) and love sharing recipes!
Bare with me as I get back into my blogging gear again and stay tuned for some excellent posts.

Have a wonderful day!