October 21, 2011

We are Moving!!

Just found out today that we  will be closing next week!! Woohoo. I am so excited/overwhelmed/nervous/elated all at the same time. I officially started packing today and have packed up ALL of my sewing supplies except my sewing machine. Since I will be so busy packing and figuring last minute things out (along with planning Amaree's 2nd birthday party which just so happens to be the day after we move:) I decided that I will pack up my crafting supplies now. So for the rest of October I won't be sewing!

It's funny to me how next week was the same week that Jen and Phil (sister and brother in law) closed on their home 2 years ago. Also the same week that I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl:) It is a very lucky week for us!

So I know I was super excited about painting the kitchen cabinets but it looks like that isn't going to happen. Too much stuff interfering. I will be painting Amaree's room and the 2 bathrooms though:)
I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Have a wonderful day!

October 18, 2011

Avon Calling!

Today's post is to promote my awesome job:) I sell Avon and I am proud of it. I LOVE their products and I just want everyone to as well. I especially love their skin care products. All of them make your skin feel as soft as a baby's bottom. It's incredible. I personally use their Anew facial cleanser, day cream and the Anew Genics cream. The Genics is probably my favorite because you can use it for pretty much anything skin related.

Anyway, if ya'll want to order go to youravon.com/madisoncook to check out all of their great stuff. If you order through me (as in via email or phone) I offer layaway for all of your Christmas/Holiday needs. If your order is over $30 (again has to be submitted via phone or email) I will give you 15% off. Just mention that you saw my promo on my blog:) Email: madison.cook37@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day!

October 08, 2011

Forever Family

Here are pictures from our sealing day September 2nd, 2011. My friend Kari Hellbusch took these beautiful pictures for us (her company is called Treasure Layne Photography HERE is her blog:). It was such an incredible day and I am so happy that we have such good pictures to help us remember it!
Thank you Kari!

Some of our friends and family that came to our sealing. We are so grateful for everybody who came inside and outside the temple!:)
My two favorite people in the entire universe! Just look at how gorgeous they are.

I made these matching belts and Amaree's bow for this big day:) They turned out pretty good for making them the night before!

Have a wonderful day!

October 07, 2011


Patience typically comes easy to me except when it has to do with house hunting:) So we were supposed to be closing in a week but it's looking like it will either be another 2 weeks or not at all. Boo. I'm mostly bummed that everything was smooth sailing at the beginning, and of course, at the end it decides to give us problems. I just have to keep reminding myself that if it doesn't happen, it's just not meant to be and that's that. Easier said than done:) I just keep praying that if it is the right place, then things will hopefully fall into place for us. Anyway, that's my news on our home. I will keep you updated on the process!

Now back to crafting:) So yesterday was the first time in about 2 weeks that I used my sewing machine! Can you believe it??? Cause I couldn't. I started sewing a cute ruffled scarf and ran out of elastic thread for my bobbin (to make it stretch and ruffle at the same time) so I had to cut my sewing time short. I swear I had a big spool of that stuff and it has just magically disappeared! Probably hiding under my horrendous sewing supplies/craft supplies/candy stash (behind the sewing machine is where we hide the candy from Amaree. Shhh don't tell her!).
I have been needing to make more scarves and fall like clothing for me and my daughter but have lacked the motivation to do so. I have been so consumed with finding decor items for my new place to live, and now that we might not get it I am switching my focus to something else that makes me happy (other than my family of course). Once I get some motivation and take pictures, I will be posting a few tutorials on here for you guys.

Have a wonderful day!

October 01, 2011

What to choose...

I want to start off by saying Sorry for neglecting my blog as of late. I have been super busy with my Avon business, house planning, birthday party planning, etc. As well as I have become obsessed with Pinterest. Anyway this post is about a dilemma I am having. The condo that got accepted has brand new paint and carpet which any sane person would say, "Woohoo! All the work is done for me!". Where me, being a little crazy, thought "What color should I paint each room??". I don't want EVERY room in the house to have the exact same color scheme. Some people love it and pull it off beautifully but I am a color fanatic and am itching to paint!! To me, painting a room is the best part of decorating. A wall color can change the size of the room and even change your emotions by seeing specific colors.
I want blues, yellows, greens (all lighter versions) where it is currently beige, tan and oak. Pretty but everyone has this right now (that or gray and yellow.) Which I LOVE both of these color schemes. I just don't like to be like everyone else:)
SO here is the dilemma...to paint or not to paint? And if I paint what color do I paint with? Today I am feeling really happy about keeping the existing wall colors in the kitchen, front room, master bedroom and sewing room. The kitchen I want to just paint the cabinets. They are currently oak and I am not the biggest fan of the oak color. I want to paint them teal/turquoise, lighter green, or yellow. Here are some cute examples:

I am leaning more towards the blue. I was at an old neighbors house today and she had this blue in her home. It was beautiful and I want it. So I am going to do my best to make it happen:) Even though my husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to fix something that isn't "broken", he understands my passion for painting. 

So what do you guys think???