Repurposing/Thrift Store Finds

One of my most favorite things to do is to walk through a garage sale, Deseret Industries, Savers or even just in my parents basement and find something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Such as finding an old picture frame and painting it another color to spice it up or finding an old shirt that is out of fashion and either adding flowers, lace, ruffles to it or taking it in and making it more fitted. I get a high from finding incredible deals and am the best at finding them. So on this page I will be posting pictures of my wonderous finds, my awesome adjustments and links to some inspirational posts from other blogs.
This is a shirt made from an old shirt of mine. 

The middle frame was an old fashioned looking frame (had velvet stapled in the middle of it.) I took the velvet out and spray painted it red along with 4 other small frames of mine. The 4 8x10 frames were found at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5. The other 3 small, black frames were originally white and spray painted black.

This was a black board I found at  D.I. for $1. The black board part was all dusty and gross looking , so I used chalk board spray paint to create a new and pretty surface. 

This was an old frame that I found at D.I. for $0.75. It was originally brown and kind of boring so I spray painted it purple to match Amaree's princess-themed bedroom. I then added ribbon by hot gluing them to the back.

Another D.I. find...just like the other chalk board it needed some updating. I put new chalk board paint on it and added this fabric bow to the top. As you can see Amaree has already gotten pink chalk on the bow:)
This skirt I made was originally a table cloth for $2 at D.I.  It already had the lace attached so it was a piece of cake to make:)

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