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Things Amaree does and says that make us laugh:
Singing "slippery fish"
  • March 2011: When told she needed to stay hydrated, Amaree ( 17months) ran and hid behind the couch saying "Hide, Hide!"
  • March 2011- current: If Amaree is uncertain about something or someone she asks if it has a nose, and if it's nice. 
  • May 2011: While watching Elmo's World, Amaree saw children show Elmo's fish Dorothy how to eat different kinds of food. So Amaree grabbed her apple slice and said, "Dottie, apple!" and proceeded to show Dorothy how to eat an apple.
  • June 2011: Amaree was "reading" a book to herself and when she finished she closed the book and said, "Amen!"
  • June 2011: Amaree loves to sing the song "Slippery Fish" with her family and friends...her favorite part is when you say "Oh no!" and put your hands on the sides of your face while saying it. (I have a video that I will post)
  • June 2011: Amaree caught me putting a cookie in my mouth. She turned to me opened her mouth wide and said, "No, no! Open mama. Spit out!"...just like we do to her when she puts something naughty in her mouth:)
  • July 2011: Amaree genuinely loves all of Gods creations. One day she saw an ant on the ground, said "Hi ant! I love you." Then she stood up and squished it with her shoe...poor ant.
Amaree and uncle Mo mo's puppy

  • July 2011: Amaree was taking a bath and playing with her foam alphabet letters. I was quizzSing her on a few that she knows like "A" and "O" when she came across the letter "W" (or she calls is "dubdoo")....I grabbed the letter from her and said, "Wanna see something cool?" and of course she said "Yes!". So I took it in my hand and showed her the "W" then asked her what it was, then I turned it upside down and asked her, "Now what is it?". Her eyes went huge and she said, "Oh!! Mamma 'M'!". Then she took the letter and flipped it back and forth saying "W, M, W, M". At that moment in time I was the coolest person ever in my child's eyes!!
  • Aug 2011: Amaree threw her barbie on the ground and said, "Oh no!". I asked her, "Is she dead?" and Amaree replied, "No. Happy." In her mind the opposite of dead is happy.
  • Aug 2011: I picked Amaree up and she said, "No mama let go me! Let go me". Then pointed her little finger at me and said, " No no no!". Stinker.
  • Sept 2011: We passed the temple and Amaree said, "Temple. Go inside?" I said "Yes we went inside yesterday." She said "Yeah! I like that." What a good girl:)
  • Sept 2011: Today was the first BYU game. Bryan's dad asked Amaree, "Are you going to watch the BYU game?" Amaree said, "No, probably not". 
  • Sept 2011:  Amaree just started chanting, " I want more cookies. I want more cookies" then finished with an adorable "Please?". She is too cute to resist; I just had to give her another cookie!
  • Sept 2011:  Me: Amaree, do you want my piece of pizza?
    Amaree: No thanks, mom. I have my own.
    Um where the heck did this well spoken child come from?! I swear she was just learning how to say, "mama".
  • Oct 2011:  Amaree and I are watching Dora together and Dora says, "Stand up and help us climb like a jaguar!", Amaree said, "No Dora, I don't want to."
  • Nov 2011:  Bryan was in our room with the door closed. Amaree wanted in. 
    Amaree: "Let me in dad!"
    Bryan: "Who is it?"
    Amaree: "You're worst nightmare!"
  • Nov 2011:  Today went by so fast for me. Earlier I asked Amaree, "Where has the day gone?" and she said, "I broke it. Sorry mommy."
  • Dec 2011:  Amaree was hiding behind a door. I opened it and she yelled, "Happy Birthday!!". Silly girl.
  • Dec 2011:  Watched a "Yo Gabba Gabba" episode with Amaree that had Amar'e Stoudemire doing a dance. When he said, "Hi, I'm Amar'e!" Amaree pointed and said, "It's me!!". This kid keeps crackin me up with the things she says.
  • Dec 2011:  You know your child is sick when she doesn't want to open presents on Christmas:( Poor Amaree.
  • Jan 2012:  Celebrated New years early at 7 for Amaree. She had a blast with glow sticks, wooden spoon and pan. She was completely satisfied with our "party" tonight
  • Jan 2012:  Me: The ocean is big and noisy, but you shouldn't be scared of it.
    Amaree: Oh! Like my daddy!
  • Jan 2012: Amaree started falling asleep on the way home from work. I said, "Amaree, stay awake" she said, "No thank you mom."
  • Jan 2012:  Amaree is 3 for 4 on going in the potty today! Yeah the one accident was on the kitchen floor. Yay for tile!
  • Feb 2012:  Now when Amaree doesn't get what she wants she says, "Oh man!". It's actually quite funny when through her tears she cries out, "Oh man!". I try so hard not to laugh at her.
  • Feb 2012:  On our way home from work, Amaree started falling asleep. I told her to stay awake and she said, "I'm just closing my eyes. It's okay mom." Yeah she totally fell back asleep while I was laughing. When I got her out of the car she said opened her eyes said, "I'm awake!" then went back to sleep on my shoulder. Silly girl.
  • Feb 2012: Bryan came home from work and said, "Amar'e (stoudemire)'s brother died today." Amaree said with the saddest look on her face, "My brother died today."
  • Feb 2012: On our way to Disneyland, my mom and I were talking about all of the rides Amaree will love. My mom said, "Amaree will die when she sees 'It's a Small world'!" Amaree looked at me seriously and said, "I will die?". It was impossible not to laugh.
  • Feb 2012: While at Disneyland, Amaree got to go see some of the princesses. The first princess she saw was Belle (whom she loves). She gave her a hug and turned around to take a picture, when she saw which princess was next. It was her all time favorite, Ariel! Belle said, "Look at your mommy for a picture" and Amaree said, "But there's Ariel!". Poor Belle:)
  • Feb 2012: "Mom, I have little boobs and you have BIG DADDY boobs!!" Thank you...?
  • March 2012: I told Amaree it was my birthday and she said, "How old are you?" "I am 22." "2 like me!!"
  • March 2012: All day Amaree sang, "Happy Birthday to my mommy. Happy birthday to my mommy". SO cute
  • April 2012:  Me: It's bedtime Amaree. Amaree: I don't believe it! Me: Haha well it's true. Amaree: Aww man!
  • April 2012: Favorite parts of the day are when Amaree randomly tells me how much she loves me:)
  • June 2012: I have two good Amaree stories...
    First: Dinner time, Bryan: Amaree do you want eggs?
    Amaree: No thanks dad.
    Ten minutes later.
    Bryan: Do you want eggs now?
    Amaree: Dad, why do you keep asking me that?
    Second one: I was leaving to go visiting teaching and told Amaree i would be back before bedtime. I got home right as she was going to bed. She came running out of her room yelling, "I knew you'd come back!" 
  • June 2012:  Me: Amaree what do you want to get Pop Pop for Fathers day?
    Amaree: A Pony.
    Me: Hmmm I dont know if we could do that. 
    Amaree: Well do you want to get me a pony then?
  • June 2012:  Amaree: Mama, I love you.
    Me: I love you more!
    Amaree: I love daddy most.
  • June 2012:  Me: 5 minutes until you need to put play-dough away.
    Amaree: How bout this put the play-dough away.
    Of course she says this with the cutest of voices and a big smile on her face.
  • July 2012: Me: Amaree, I love you. Amaree: I DONT love you. (trying to tease me). I do love my daddy though.
  • July 2012:  I asked Amaree if she wanted to go splash in the puddles. Her reaction was as if I had asked her if she wanted to go to Disneyland. :)
  • July 2012: I walked outside to see how warm it was; I didn't know Amaree was coming behind me and the door scrapped the back of her heel. She dropped onto the carpet crying and yelled out, "You did this to me mom! You did!". 
  • July 2012: Amaree's new favorite game is Mario Party 8. We told her she had to go to bed but we could play it tomorrow. Amaree: "Okay! When I go to sleep you guys can still play! Yeah you can play the lava game, or the painting game or the other games. You will have fun!" I'm glad she looks out for her parents and genuinely wants people to be happy.
  • July 2012:  Amaree was taking forever to get out of the car this morning so I said, "Vaminos muchacha!" 
    Amaree: What? I didn't hear you.
    Me: Come out please Amaree.
    Amaree: What? I didn't hear you.
    Me:...yes you did Amaree.
    Amaree: Yeah you're right. I did hear you.
    At least she's honest in the end:)
  • July 2012:  Amaree: I want some cocoa puffs please.
    Me: You can when we get home.
    Amaree: Ugh you never EVER let me eat!
  • July 2012:  Me: AMaree when do you turn 3?
    Amaree: On my birthday...
    She looked at me like I was a complete idiot.
  • July 2012:  This morning I had a hard time figuring out what to wear and I let out an exasperated sigh. Amaree came up next to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "Oh mom what's wrong?". I smiled and said, "I just can't decide what to wear."
    "Mom, it's going to be okay." And then she gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Oh how I love this child of mine!!
  • July 2012: We took Amaree to an Orem Owlz game and she loved it for a while. She started whining and I decided to quote Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own" and said, "Are you crying? There's no crying in baseball!". She laughed (her friend Paige says this every once in a while so she had heard it before) and stopped whining. After that she would put another word in place of crying like: there's no rain in baseball! or There aren't elephants in baseball!. Silly girl.
At the Owlz game

  • July 2012:  For those of you that don't know, Amaree has a hard time saying her "s" sound at the beginning of her words (ex: pace=space, nake=snake,etc.). So here are some of the things she says that normally wouldnt be so funny, if she knew how to say the "s" sound... I got off of the couch and Amaree raced to jump into my spot, "Mom, I tole your pot!" Later I asked her to go see what daddy was doing. She came back to report and said, "He's just watching a ho." Hilarious. 
  • July 2012:  Every time Amaree watches "Tangled" and Flynn Rider does his "smolder" look, she blushes. :)
Amaree dressed as Repunzel

Finger-lickin good funnel cake.

  • July 2012:  Bryan is laying down on the floor watching tv with two pillows behind his head. Amaree wanted to be like her dad so she grabbed one of the pillows to use for herself. Few minutes later, she decided to come sit by me on the couch so Bryan took back the 2nd pillow, assuming she wasn't coming back. Amaree notices EVERYTHING and said, "Hey dad, that's my pillow!" ran over, took it back and brought it over to me. She smiled at me and said, "Here mom, I got you a pillow." and put it behind my back for me. Bryan's face was priceless.
  • July 2012:  Earlier today Amaree had her fingers in her mouth and accidentally gagged herself. I told her to be careful because she could make herself throw up (we have had talks in the past how it's okay to throw up when we are sick but not for fun...i know the things we never thought we would have to say). I asked her when it was okay to throw up. She said, "Um, on my birthday!"
  • July 2012:  Amaree is yelling at Dora the Explorer, "I don't want to shake my body like a crab!". She clearly does not like being told what to do, even if it's from her favorite tv character.
  • July 2012:  Amaree: Mom I love you.
    Me: I love you too!
    Amaree: I love my daddy too.
    Me: I love your daddy too.
    Amaree: Ugh...i KNOW you love my daddy.
    Hilarious that we already embarrass our child with our PDA:)
  • July 2012: there are two obnoxious, small dogs that live down the hall from us that bark every time they go out on a walk. Just barely Amaree heard them barking (in the past it scared her that they were trying to come in and I told her they couldnt) and said , "Those dogs can't come in huh?" "Yes they can't come in." "Barking puppies can't come inside." "Why can't barking puppies come inside?" "Well I don't know."
  • July 2012:  I smelled something coming from Amaree's bedroom a few minutes ago, poop. Sure enough that was exactly what I smelled. I asked her if she pooped in her diaper and she said, "yes" then she held her hand out that had a tiny piece of it on her fingers. Great. so she stood up and another tiny piece was on her sheets which was no big deal: change sheets and jammies, wash her hands, done! or so I though
    t...she then proceeded to point to the side of her crib and I was in shock. She had put her hand inside her diaper (which is why it had gotten out) and when she saw what she had on her hand, instead of calling out for one of us, she decided to wipe the poop all over her crib. Really? REALLY?! Luckily Bryan was home and like a champ changed her diaper while I wiped and disinfected her crib. 2nd grossest thing I have had to deal with while being a parent
  • July 2012:
    Amaree decided to "trap" me with pillows and blankets. I asked her what I should do if I need to go potty. She told me that I would have to pee my pants. I asked one more time if I could get up and go potty real fast and she said, "Nope. You had your chance now you have to pee your pants!". Good thing I really didn't have to go...:)
  • July 2012:  This morning while I was getting ready for work, Amaree was playing on the couch with her toys and dangling them behind it. I told her to be careful because they could fall behind it and get stuck. She said, "Don't worry mom. My daddy knows how to get them for me." Love that she thinks her daddy can fix/do anything.
  • August 2012:  Amaree was laying on my bed watching her show (while being sick) and I told her she needed to take a drink to stay hydrated. She rolled over closed her eyes and said, "What? I can't hear you. I'm sleeping." Even while she has a fever and upset stomach she is still funny:)
  • August 2012:  I have 4 bracelets on today and Amaree wanted to wear a few of them, so I let her. After she put them on she held up her arm and said, "Yay! Now I can be a mom too!"
  • August 2012:  On our way to work Amaree and I were listening to "We've Got the Beat" by the Go-Go's. I told Amaree that the Go-Go's sang this song and she said, "Mom did you know that go-go's are nice?" I don't know what she thinks a go-go is but apparently they are nice.
  • August 2012:  On our way home yesterday Amaree was talking to me about the fire that is close to our house (again)..."Mom did you know that most fires don't burn down houses?"
    "What do they burn down?"
    "Most fires burn down hay. The horses don't like..."
    She paused for about a minute then I asked, "Did you forget what you were going to say?"
    "Yeah, yeah I did."
    Later she proceeded to tell me that fires have 8 legs. I asked her if she meant spiders and she exhaled really loud and said, "No mom I meant fires, but spiders do too."
Gateway mall fountains.

Waiting for the train to come.

On the train!

  • August 2012:  Here are a few Amaree stories for the day:
    Amaree was talking about her friends in nursery (particularly her friend Sophie) and I asked what Sophie looked like. She said, "She was wearing a dress." 
    Next one: I was drinking Dr Pepper and Amaree asked if she could have a drink. I said no because it has caffeine in it and got her root beer instead. Later she took a drink of her root beer and asked m
    e, "Mom do you want a drink of your caffeine?"
    And another one: I asked Amaree what she thought was the best drink for her body. She said, "Water...and root beer!! Root beer is the best."
    Last one: While watching the women's 4x400m finals, Amaree said, "I'm fast. I could be in the Olympics." takes a big sigh. "I wish I were in the Olympics..."
  • August 2012: 
    Today while at work, Amaree was pretending to be princess Jasmine and insisted I call her Jasmine all day (funny thing is that we almost named her this). Anyway, later she was running around then completely face planted it into the grass. As she got up she said, "Ah Jafar tripped me again. HOW DARE YOU JAFAR!"
  • August 2012:  Before bed, Amaree wanted to read her "My Little Ponies" book while holding her 3 ponies: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. She then started laughing and said, "Mom, Applejack and Twilight are so funny. One time Twilight said 'Hey Applejack will you help me?' and Applejack said 'No thanks!'. Oh man they are so funny!". I was laughing so hard but not for the reason she thought. 
    After I put her in bed this is what she told me, "Mom I was so happy today. I'm happy now too! I'm not grumpy." I told her that it makes me happy when she is happy and she said, "I know and when I'm grumpy it makes you super grumpy." 
  • August 2012:  Yesterday Amaree and I went outside to the park. Amaree ran on the grass a few feet ahead of me and said, "I'm winning mom!" I said, "Oh man! You're too fast for me." and she said, "And you're too weird!"
  • August 2012:  I took the girls to feed the ducks this morning. We fed them stale chips and they went crazy! There are about 30 ducks there and ALL of them were following us and coming within inches from our hands for the chips. Even after all the chips were gone they still chased us to get more food. "Getting followed/chased by 30 ducks and 2 geese" can now be checked off my bucket list.
  • August 2012:  Amaree: Mom, I'm keeping an eye on you.
    Me: Why?
    Amaree: In case you don't poop in your pants.
    Me: You mean in case I do poop my pants?
    Amaree: No mom. I know what I said.
    Another story:
    I gave Amaree some skittles and while she was eating them I found an eyelash on her cheek. I picked it off and told her to blow it away/make a wish. She did. I asked her what she wished for and she said, "Um well I wished for M&M's."
  • August 2012:  The other morning Amaree was helping me make my bed. 
    Me: Daddy keeps taking my covers at night. Silly daddy.
    Amaree: Yeah my puppy keeps taking my covers too! 
    Me: Your puppy takes your covers at night?
    Amaree: He takes them all the time!
    And this morning she was helping me make caramel syrup. I let her taste the syrup and she said, "Mmmm it tastes like chocolate milk!" I said, "Oh not like caramel?" 
    "Oh yeah that too."
  • August 2012:  Last night before Amaree went to bed, I took her out to go watch the giant raindrops fall outside our house. I pointed out that the raindrops were jumping on the car ports. 
    Amaree: Mom if I were a raindrop, I would want to jump on the car ports too.
  • August 2012:  Me and the little girls (Amaree and the two little girls I watch) were outside playing. They were racing to their "house" when the oldest girl said, "I beat you to your house!"
    and Amaree said, "How dare you!" then looked at me and giggled.
  • August 2012:  Thank you Toy Story for teaching my daughter the word "Idiot". She loves to have her toys say it to eachother. Awesome.
  • August 2012:  While I was taking this picture, I told Amaree to smile. She got frustrated all of a sudden and said, "Ugh! Rainbow Dash won't smile!". Also she said she would teach it tricks like swimming in circles. Love this girl.
Amaree and Rainbow Dash our Beta fish.

  • August 2012:  I was eating an apple for breakfast and Amaree told me that apples were good for your tummy. I agreed with her and told her that it has good sugar in it and it will help you grow big and strong. 
    Amaree: Do marshmallows have good sugar?
    Me: No they don't.
    Amaree: So apples make you grow big and strong and marshmallows make you grow small!
  • September 2012:  Amaree: Mom do you want chapstick?
    Me: No thanks. 
    Amaree: Yes mom, you have to.
    Me: why?
    Amaree: Because that's my problem.
  • September 2012:  we were playing barbies and my barbie asked hers barbie where her prince was. She said, "He doesn't like me anymore". I jokingly said this next comment, purely because I didn't think she would get it. Boy was I wrong...
    Me: Oh are you guys working things out?
    Amaree: I want to but he doesn't. That's my problem.
    Next one: 
    Amaree: Papa, can you get me my drink?
    Papa: Why don't you?
    Amaree: No you. You have legs.
  • September 2012:  Today I gave Amaree chicken nuggets for lunch. She ate them and asked for mac and cheese. I asked, "Your tummy isn't full yet?" and she said, "Nope! My tummy is saying, 'I'm not full. I'm still hungry! I want white mac and cheese and if it's hot that's okay. I can just blow on it to cool it off.' That's what my tummy is saying mom." Ps her "tummy" speaks in a really high pitched voice.
  • September 2012:  Today while playing Amaree found a tiny, plastic elephant in the playroom. She held it up and had the elephant say, "Where's my mommy? I'm by myself."
    So I asked Amaree, "Where do you think her mommy went?"
    "She's at Walmart."
  • September 2012:  Amaree: Mom, we should get an Ipad like Rara and Pop pop.
    Me: Why do we need one?
    Amaree: Because we don't have one, remember? That's okay though. We could just get one at Smiths.
  • September 2012:  We took a drive up the canyon today and here are some funny things Amaree said...
    Amaree: Mom it's almost fall which means the leaves are changing colors and the fire will be changing colors too!
    Amaree: That is the tallest mountain I have ever climbed!
    Me: When did you climb it?
    Amaree: When I had shoes on...
    Last one...
    Me: Amaree what does your tummy want to eat for lunch?
    Amaree: Pizza!
    Bryan: There isn't really a fast pizza place, how about something else?
    Me: Yeah ask your tummy if something like chicken nuggets sounds good.
    Amaree then looked at her tummy and said, "Tummy do you want chicken nuggets? Yep it does!"

  • September 2012:  Amaree just woke up and told me, "Hey mom my tummy woke me up and said, 'I'm hungry. I want watermelon!' Silly tummy we don't have watermelon."
  • September 2012:  So I told Amaree to go potty and she listened. She came back out and had some old cotton ball in her hand and i told her to throw it away. She turned around, backside toward me, and I noticed that her pants were only pulled up to the bottom of her bum. I started laughing really hard which made her look at me funny and say, "What's so funny?" I told her that her pants needed to be pulled up all the way. She pulled them up then said,
    "Mom, were you laughing at my bum?!"

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  1. Loved these! What a good mom.Exciting to live in a time with such electronic recordable equipment at our hands. What a treasure for her down the years.