July 26, 2012

Redecorating updates

So I redecorated my kitchen a bit...here are a few pics:
I haven't finished what I'm putting inside the shelf yet. The basket and chalk need to find a home too.
Thinkin about putting jars filled with art supplies in the shelf.

Love our last name! It fits pefectly in the kitchen seeing as you cook in the kitchen:) My dad gave these to me after he closed his popcorn store and I just glued music note paper onto them.
 And I also added a few things to my living/family room:
Don't mind my smudged mirror:) Along with the letters, my dad gave me this book shelf (I have 2 more in my craft room) and the baskets too! Love him:) I want to put some sort of cute quote made of vinyl underneath the mirror or a cute board with hooks to hang up jackets/purses.

Pardon the flash. These pics are ones we took in California back in February. Cute huh? Unfortunately I didn't think to take one of all 3 of us next to the "C" lifeguard post until AFTER we got home. Boo. The frames and anchor are finds from D.I.

This is a watercolor painting I whipped up real fast and put in a cute deep brown frame. It's about 16x24" and is across from the circular mirror. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the room.