November 25, 2011

Pictures of Home

Here are a few pictures of our updated home. We are still moving in (it's a longer process than we expected) and still have a lot of things to put up and put away before I will be completely satisfied with how everything looks. So if you see in these pictures something that may look out of place...that's because it probably is and will find a home soon:)
This is our hallway and lots of our photos. I love pictures
and I love framing them. It's my way of scrapbooking:)

Other side of the hallway.

Master bath. Needs a few more touches of decor and it will be complete.

Amaree's room. 

Somehow my photos went out of order...Anyway this is the kitchen!

Front room. My hubby playing with his early Christmas present. HP touchpad thing.

Amaree's tinkerbell green room. That is the actual title of the paint and when asked what
color her room is, Amaree will answer with "Tinterbell deen"

I'm happy with how this turned out. It took me FOREVER to finally decide where to put all of
these pieces. BTW I only paid for the shelves ( D.I. for $1 a piece), and the blue jar (50 cents).
All the rest were lovely gifts we received!:)

My weekly calendar! I took 4 frames (all from D.I. for either 75 cents or $1) , put scrapbook paper behind
the glass, and use the glass as a white board!

Once everything is complete and decorated for Christmas I will post more pictures.
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. GREAT Pics of your wonderful new home!! And it LOOKS so homey already! (HOMEY not homely) :)