August 19, 2012


I have so much to be thankful for in my life. I have an awesome job where I get to bring my daughter along with me, I have a great husband who is patient and a great example to me, I have a beautiful child who amazes me everyday, I have clothes,shoes, food, cars, and a lovely home. Seriously I never should complain! Seeing as I am a human being I do complain (I guess that means my husband isn't human then) a lot more than I should. So today I am reflecting on my wonderful life and wanted to share some awesome quotes I found on Pinterest (my favorite website ever).

and last of all:

Just kidding on the last one. I just thought it was awesome and seriously thinking of making one of these.
Overall just be happy and remember that you are good enough, strong enough and brave enough to endure whatever comes your way. 

Have a wonderful day!

July 26, 2012

Redecorating updates

So I redecorated my kitchen a are a few pics:
I haven't finished what I'm putting inside the shelf yet. The basket and chalk need to find a home too.
Thinkin about putting jars filled with art supplies in the shelf.

Love our last name! It fits pefectly in the kitchen seeing as you cook in the kitchen:) My dad gave these to me after he closed his popcorn store and I just glued music note paper onto them.
 And I also added a few things to my living/family room:
Don't mind my smudged mirror:) Along with the letters, my dad gave me this book shelf (I have 2 more in my craft room) and the baskets too! Love him:) I want to put some sort of cute quote made of vinyl underneath the mirror or a cute board with hooks to hang up jackets/purses.

Pardon the flash. These pics are ones we took in California back in February. Cute huh? Unfortunately I didn't think to take one of all 3 of us next to the "C" lifeguard post until AFTER we got home. Boo. The frames and anchor are finds from D.I.

This is a watercolor painting I whipped up real fast and put in a cute deep brown frame. It's about 16x24" and is across from the circular mirror. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the room.

January 29, 2012

Intro to pastels

I decided the other day that I would introduce Amaree to the wonderful world of pastels. I love this medium and knew she would too (after all it's basically chalk:). Sure enough she was giddy about coloring with these. I have had this pastel set since I started my art class in Orem over 12 years ago. They are still in great shape and I still have EVERY color that was provided in the kit. I also have pastel pencils which are almost just as fun.

I loved how much she loved the whole experience. Art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember ; it brings me so much joy to see my daughter have an interest in art at such a young age! Here are her beautiful pictures from the past 2 days:

I have decided to buy magnetic strips to put in my kitchen to put all of Amaree's beautiful drawings up. I love all of them and love showing them off. I am so curious as to how/why she draws the way she does. Why did she put that color there? Why did she shade that part and not the other? I know why I draw the way I do; I just would love to know why she draws the way she does:)
Here are the two drawings I did:
This is now inside a big red frame

My abstract Eiffel Tower. I want to make a big one and paint it for my front room. It has hints of turquoise in it so it would match perfectly. 

Have a wonderful day!

Mia Cucina

I love my kitchen and am so grateful to have it! Here are a few pics of how I decorated it...

Here are my favorite pictures of my Europe trip that I took back in high school.

Here are two little plates that Bryan and I received as wedding gifts. They were given by my dads friend who lives in Paris. I can't remember the meaning behind them but they were hand painted and they are collectors items. I think they are adorable and go along with my European pics:)

I have other parts of the kitchen that I need to finish decorating before I show them off:) I haven't had the desire to decorate in a long time so my house has been neglected a bit! I finally have gotten my groove back a bit and am ready to craft away. Stay tuned for more!:)

Have a wonderful day!

January 22, 2012

Happy 20 years Anew!

Most of you have probably never heard of the skincare line called I right? Well it is an Avon skincare line and it is incredible! It all started 20 years ago and still continues to create new and improved products. I am in love with everything ANEW has to offer.

Not only does it actually work, but it is so much more affordable than other skincare products out there such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Olay and more. So if you use these other brands, STOP NOW! You will find that ANEW works just as well if not BETTER than the brand you are currently using. There are awesome deals going on with the 20 year birthday. Go to my online website to check them out!

Oh did I mention that they just released a new product...

ANEW Clinical Resurfacing 
I have tried it out the past 3 nights and I am in shock at how beautiful my skin looks and feels.
On sale for $20...and you only use one drop a night?? Yeah it will last a while:)

I am building my Avon business by building a team of Representatives. If you are interested give me a call at 8016029426 or email me at It is $10 to start, no inventory (seriously you don't have to buy anything you don't want to), you choose your own hours, work from home, you are your own boss, free online website and free training on how to be the best Representative you can be!

Have a wonderful day!


I cannot remember when I last posted on my blog...whoops. Life has happened and it has been hard to get into a routine of things. I am so close to figuring it all out than BAM! Something new, good but still new, happens. It has been wonderful though.

I have a new job as a nanny to 4 adorable girls and the awesome bonus is I have a paying, full time job that I get to bring my little Amaree with me! Seriously it doesn't get much better. Oh and on top of that my Avon business is kicking it into gear (go team Avon) and for the most part my house looks put together.:)

I can't believe how great everything is for the 3 of us. Yeah we don't have lots of money, yeah we don't go out much because of it, but we are happy and very healthy and very blessed to have the life we do.
LOVING life to the fullest is my new motto (not to be mistaken with LIVING life to the fullest). Learning to love everything that comes your way may not be easy, but it sure does make life a lot better!

Have a wonderful day!