August 03, 2011

Skirts for Amaree

On Wednesdays my cute sister in law watches Amaree while I work at either home or at Utah Kernels. Today I finished work way before Amaree was home so I used that time to create some skirts for the little princess.
This first skirt I made out of leftover fabric from a quilt my Granny made for my mom. It turned out exactly how I pictured it!
Th top layer is only connected near the elastic casing. 

This next skirt I made out of a pink polo shirt my mom used for an 80's themed party. I just cut the bottom off, added elastic then sewed pockets with a little lace on the top. I didn't have any more pink thread so the white thread is clearly visible (as well as my sewing flaws). I then made the flower out of some of the leftover shirt fabric (pink) and the white is some leftover silky, white fabric I had from another old project.
She loved the pockets!


  1. cUte, i really didn't know you did this stuff. you know that since Ive been home Ive seen Amaree and not you. COME ON!

  2. Now you have! It was good to see ya today! Amaree talked about Autumn the puppy the whole way home.

  3. Wonderful work Madie! And I see Amaree is on her way to being a Rock Guitarist with Uncle Phil's electric guitar! :)