August 01, 2011

Started 2006 finished 2011

This is a picture I started painting back in 2006. I took the original picture with my parents camera in the American Fork canyon and just had to paint it. I painted most of it back then but got distracted with life and other paintings and forgot about it until 3 days ago. I found it in my parents basement and decided once and for all I need to finish it! This is my favorite oil painting that I have done thus far. Typically my style is more childlike and simple (it's more relaxing for me:) so this is a bit more detailed than I normally do.
The original photo is at the top along with the painting underneath:

It's hard to see to see the original photo, but it was the best I could get with my basement lighting:)


  1. Love it and like it in person even better! :)

  2. I hate talented people. Especially when they are good at EVERYTHING!

  3. are just as talented!! I recall you being able to paint, draw, write, sing and dance sooo yeah I guess you hate yourself.