August 18, 2011

Shirt and Pant refashion

Today while Amaree ate her lunch in her highchair, I quickly refashioned some stained and ripped clothes into adorable new clothes for miss Amaree. First I took one of her shirts that had a huge chocolate stain on the bottom, cut off the stained section, created a skirt with some hand-me-down fabric (added ruffle to the bottom of the  rectangle, sewed the sides together to create a big tube, basted the top and gathered it to the size of the tshirt), sewed the two together and BAM! You have a whole new updated look:)

Disney, from Ruffles and Stuff has a really easy tutorial on how to make the same thing.

Now for the pants. I originally bought these "jeggings" at Walmart for $1. I bought 2 because I just can't resist the urge to buy clothing when it is discounted to a DOLLAR! Anywho, I took an existing pair of leggings (of Amaree's) and used it as my pattern. I wanted the zippers to be on her leggings as well so I matched the bottoms of the jeggings and the leggings, then cut. I will have to make a tutorial or find a good one to put on my blog for reference:) I haven't tried them on her so hopefully they fit! If not, I have already gotten my moneys worth (I wore them three times before the crotch ripped). 

Have a wonderful day!

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