August 21, 2011

For my mama

Alright, this post is specifically for mia madre. She is redecorating her whole upstairs (pretty much) and needed some ideas for artwork/decor for each room. I told her I would find awesome examples of DIY artwork that I would happily make for her:) I LOVE doing this type of thing!! So here it goes:
First up fabric flower artwork by Make it and Love it.

It is complete with tutorials on how to make each type of flower as well as how to put fabric inside the frames:) Incredibly easy and cute! Ashley has a million other ideas on her blog that are just as adorable. Go to to check out her tutorials:)
This next one is from It is a simple wooden board with a quote. Very easy but I just love this one!
Well that's it for now! I will post more awesome ideas another day. But for now enjoy these links. They are all incredible blogs that I love looking at to get ideas:)

Have a wonderful day!

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