January 29, 2012

Intro to pastels

I decided the other day that I would introduce Amaree to the wonderful world of pastels. I love this medium and knew she would too (after all it's basically chalk:). Sure enough she was giddy about coloring with these. I have had this pastel set since I started my art class in Orem over 12 years ago. They are still in great shape and I still have EVERY color that was provided in the kit. I also have pastel pencils which are almost just as fun.

I loved how much she loved the whole experience. Art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember ; it brings me so much joy to see my daughter have an interest in art at such a young age! Here are her beautiful pictures from the past 2 days:

I have decided to buy magnetic strips to put in my kitchen to put all of Amaree's beautiful drawings up. I love all of them and love showing them off. I am so curious as to how/why she draws the way she does. Why did she put that color there? Why did she shade that part and not the other? I know why I draw the way I do; I just would love to know why she draws the way she does:)
Here are the two drawings I did:
This is now inside a big red frame

My abstract Eiffel Tower. I want to make a big one and paint it for my front room. It has hints of turquoise in it so it would match perfectly. 

Have a wonderful day!

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    Intro to pastels
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