January 22, 2012


I cannot remember when I last posted on my blog...whoops. Life has happened and it has been hard to get into a routine of things. I am so close to figuring it all out than BAM! Something new, good but still new, happens. It has been wonderful though.

I have a new job as a nanny to 4 adorable girls and the awesome bonus is I have a paying, full time job that I get to bring my little Amaree with me! Seriously it doesn't get much better. Oh and on top of that my Avon business is kicking it into gear (go team Avon) and for the most part my house looks put together.:)

I can't believe how great everything is for the 3 of us. Yeah we don't have lots of money, yeah we don't go out much because of it, but we are happy and very healthy and very blessed to have the life we do.
LOVING life to the fullest is my new motto (not to be mistaken with LIVING life to the fullest). Learning to love everything that comes your way may not be easy, but it sure does make life a lot better!

Have a wonderful day!

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