October 01, 2011

What to choose...

I want to start off by saying Sorry for neglecting my blog as of late. I have been super busy with my Avon business, house planning, birthday party planning, etc. As well as I have become obsessed with Pinterest. Anyway this post is about a dilemma I am having. The condo that got accepted has brand new paint and carpet which any sane person would say, "Woohoo! All the work is done for me!". Where me, being a little crazy, thought "What color should I paint each room??". I don't want EVERY room in the house to have the exact same color scheme. Some people love it and pull it off beautifully but I am a color fanatic and am itching to paint!! To me, painting a room is the best part of decorating. A wall color can change the size of the room and even change your emotions by seeing specific colors.
I want blues, yellows, greens (all lighter versions) where it is currently beige, tan and oak. Pretty but everyone has this right now (that or gray and yellow.) Which I LOVE both of these color schemes. I just don't like to be like everyone else:)
SO here is the dilemma...to paint or not to paint? And if I paint what color do I paint with? Today I am feeling really happy about keeping the existing wall colors in the kitchen, front room, master bedroom and sewing room. The kitchen I want to just paint the cabinets. They are currently oak and I am not the biggest fan of the oak color. I want to paint them teal/turquoise, lighter green, or yellow. Here are some cute examples:

I am leaning more towards the blue. I was at an old neighbors house today and she had this blue in her home. It was beautiful and I want it. So I am going to do my best to make it happen:) Even though my husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to fix something that isn't "broken", he understands my passion for painting. 

So what do you guys think???

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